Google Webmasters and What Needs to be done to get Indexed Faster on Google

6.7.2013 Fabian Rendon

Every website that the Google Robots index and add to their own cache is recognized by them. Due to this procedure, your website will be seen in Google search results.  It is almost everyone’s desire to be indexed speedily by Google. This is especially the case with new website owners. And because of this, these new site owners are more impatient than the more experienced owners. This impatience can result in them making big mistakes. For this reason, what I am about to explain is valid for all websites, but is especially crucial for new websites. 

There are many methods that can be implemented to be indexed on Google. (Hit increasing sites, Backlinks) but if your website is new these might not work and actually effect your website negatively. Because these methods will forward visitors to your site but they will only check out the Main Page of your site for a short time. This will result in damaging your respect on Google. For this;

What sites younger than 2 months old need to do;

 Adding content, that is original, hasn’t been stolen and is legal, daily. When you do this Google will see that every time it checks your site that there is new content and this will make Google check-ups more frequent.

2) Google Web Master is the most important step. By doing this you are announcing your website to Google and it is like asking them to index your site. There are many things that can be done thanks to Google Web Master, but I will only touch on a few of these in this article, I will explain the rest in detail in another article.

Go to the Google Webmaster page and on the page that comes up, there is a section called “Add Site”, click on that and add your site. After this procedure Google will want proof on whether or not you own the site and will give you the following options.

a) Google Analytics Account Connection; if you don’t have a synchronized Google Analytics code that uses “Snippets” you can go this route. You need to be the administrator of your Analytics account. Google will detect all the active Google Analytics reference codes. If you are the admin of any of these codes then your ownership will be confirmed. Google Analytics code is used only to verify the owner of a site. You cannot access any of this data. To keep your site verified you shouldn’t get rid of the HTML file even after verification. 

b) Adding meta tags to your sites main page: If you can edit the HTML code of your site you can use this option.

You should choose the option that is right for you and after following the procedures, you should click on the “confirm” tab and this will allow Google to be aware of your site. You can have many visitors by following these steps.

I have been researching Internet revenue for a long time, and in the beginning, like may others, I didn’t believe that it was possible to make money off the Internet. Up until I actually did…I am continuing these researches and will continues to share my knowledge on the subject.

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