Government services are now available online in Kenya

14.1.2014 Magdalena Gauci

Improved Internet connection in Kenya has enabled people to move their businesses online. Many businesses have an online presence and individuals are seeking ways to get a share of the online traffic. This tide is so strong that even the government has been taken onboard in order to offer better services in real time. It was a common thing in the past for citizen to go to public offices for a whole week without getting the services they were seeking due to congestion and manual processing.

Today the government of Kenya is offering most of its services online. Government offices are left to attend citizens with issues that prefer a one by one approach. Offices have become completely decongested and the few people who visit these offices are served much faster thanks to online services. Many people can now receive these services online from the comfort of their homes.

Some of the government services available online include:

Paying tax

The Kenya Revenue Authority has made it possible for people to do their tax returns online, instead of queuing the whole day at the revenue offices waiting for their turn to pay taxes. This has enabled businesses to run more efficiently and the government to reach its tax targets because many people are willing to pay tax without wasting much time queuing.

Applying for HELB (Higher Education Loans Board) loans

People joining universities are now privileged to apply for the higher education loans from their respective villages without having to travel to the HELB offices in Nairobi. This used to be a source of stress especially if students didn't have a person to host them in Nairobi for the days when they were applying for their loans. This is a process that now takes a few days and they are able to access the service from home if they have a computer and an Internet connection or in a local cyber café.

Applying for a Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Applying for a Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN number was a big problem due to the number of people applying for one. People seeking employment and business men all used to converge at these offices making it very difficult to get services in one day. Today people are applying for their PIN online.

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