Here you go Google Microsoft places a OneNote dictation feature on the watches of Android Wear

17.9.2014 Fabian Rendon
Android Wear is Google’s open software platform for its wearable technology and Microsoft is taking advantage of that. Microsoft released a new version of OneNote, one of their stellar programs for the Google smartwatch! The benefits of this software are that it makes it easier to relay text, save and synchronize voice-based notes.

Microsoft’s plan to support devices that are not related to Windows software is really excelling. On Tuesday, the powerhouse company revealed its Bluetooth keyboard that works with Windows, iOS and Android related software. Now it’s keeping up this success by developing a OneNote app for Google Android Wear smartwatches.

The product in question; the new OneNote for Android Wear is free of charge in the Google Play store and operates with any of the Android Wear watches that are currently available. Also you are required to have a phone that runs Android 4.3 or a more advanced version but that is just in fact a requisite for Google Android Wear.

When you have installed the program on your watch, all you have to say is ‘’OK, Google. Take a note’’ and this will launch the Microsoft OneNote app that is placed on your wrist. This advanced Android Wear watch will take down word for word the things you say and it will save a recording to the OneNote phone app. This will be contemporized to all of the devices that you installed regarding OneNote.

These highly advanced Android Wear watches can already take notes that are dictated to it, although if no app regarding note-taking has been installed, these notes are simply just saved to your Gmail account. You may add other apps in order to save and synchronise these notes, the program Google Keep is a great example of this –so it can be said that this is Microsoft’s method of getting users of Android Wear to invest more in its OneNote app.

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