History of the Mouse and its various uses

6.11.2013 Benjamin Gubler
The mouse a is very useful device of the computer. It has many benefits because due to the mouse you become able to operate the computer fast. If you use the keyboard keys to operate the computer so it become a little bit difficult and new user of the computer cannot use the computer without the mouse because the new user does not know about the shortcut keys of the computer to operate the computer. However, the need of the mouse remains constant. According to the research, the world population is 7 billion and 1 billion people are using the computer and mouse.

The mouse has become 44 years old. The mouse invented in 1968 by a US scientist. The first shape of the mouse is like a wooden box that consists of the wire behind it and one button was there on the front side of the mouse. After the invention of the mouse, folks lives became faster than before because before the invention of the mouse it was very difficult to operate the computer.

Mouse introduced in the 1968 in the city of San Francisco. According to other scientists, it has estimated that the use of the mouse will vanish from the world after the few years because the touch screen option has reduced the demand of the mouse in the world. On the other hand, few scientists state that it is impossible to eliminate the use of the mouse of the world because there are many things that we cannot operate without the mouse.

The mouse plays his role when you start working on the graphic of the any design. You cannot do the designing without the help of the mouse and even editing of the picture. For that work, you need the mouse except this profession there are many professions, in which you are required to use the mouse for doing the work faster. Through the mouse, you become able to click on the exact option, which you want to use. However, if you compare mouse with the touch screen then still mouse features ahead because when you click use the mouse then you click on the particular link but if you use touch screen then your hand might be miss place and you could touch on wrong option. It is better to use a mouse due to its features.

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