How alphanumeric pagers operate

20.5.2014 Magdalena Gauci
A pager or beeper as they are popularly known is a wireless communication device that receives text messages or announces text messages. A one way pager is limited to only receiving messages, while a two way pager and a response pager can both receive a message and reply to one.

The functionality of pagers systems is dependant on transmitters (for the one way pager) or base stations for the two way pagers including the number of pagers present with the users.

The pager’s systems transmitters can be within a small area or locality or in wide geographical area with major base stations. It was in the 1980s that alphanumeric pagers were introduced, the earlier pagers especially those used in the 1970’s were not very efficient; users had to dial a number and tap in a numeric message and on the receiving end the receiver would get a notification through a beeper. They would then have call to a number in order to receive the message.

The alphanumeric pager has the ability to receive both the sound and the text when a message is sent to them. These kinds of pagers have the ability to send both voice and text faxes, emails and alphanumeric messages. Paging systems are usually operated by commercial telecommunications carriers. And they are also operated by private systems. The act of sending a message using the pager is known as paging.

While sending an alphanumeric message, its a basically a process whereby the alphanumeric messages sent can either be left as a voice message with the commercial carrier, who then transcribes into a text message. The other method is through sending a message to a specific email which then transmits to your pager.

Pagers are limited to a particular geographical area or locality which in this case might represent a building complex. The ‘localised’ services are cheaper because of the cost resources required to deliver the services compared to national services. Therefore pagers may not cover a wide range because of the signal strength; they operate with a radio signal that is dependant on the transmitters or base station's power.

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