How fiber optic cables have enhanced Internet connectivity in East Africa

22.11.2013 Simon Bradley

Connection to the Internet, through the use of fiber optic cables, has seen drastic changes in cost and speed of access. This has in great ways transformed the region to embrace technological developments which were otherwise beyond the reach of many. Areas of education, entrepreneurship and business among others have considerably gained from this connectivity and increased significantly.

Education has been among the biggest beneficiaries of the enhanced Internet connectivity. Whereas books and other printed materials were the traditional sources of information, Internet libraries have widened the spectrum. Educational institutes as well as students have embraced the Internet in search of reading material. In this regard various colleges and institutions of higher learning provide free Internet access to their students thus giving them more room to conduct research and seek information.

The Internet provides a platform for e-commerce. Producers and farmers are now capable of marketing and selling their products through online sites. In this regard a number of Internet sites are available within East African countries where entrepreneurs and farmers can market their produce.

Also still information regarding modern farming methods and sourcing of farm inputs has been made easier thus improving on the quantity of production.

Access to government information has been enhanced tremendously. This is in respect to open governance where citizens are entitled to required information easily. Government sponsored links and sites provide the citizens with valuable information which would otherwise be hard to come across. Access to government jobs and application has also been made easier.

The Internet has turner the world into a global village. Easy Internet access within the East African region has allowed the citizens to correspond with their relatives and friends living abroad more easily. This is through e-mail communication and use of social media.

New telecoms have also emerged and are among some of the best performers in the region. This has provided growth in terms of revenue as well as creation of employment opportunities.

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