How small businesses can start email marketing successfully

28.11.2013 Nicky Herak

Today many business owners are taking advantage of technology and the Internet to advertise their businesses. Internet is the best thing that has ever happened to human kind. Everything has been made much easier, from the way we communicate, socialize and the way we do business.

For decades small businesses have had a hard time to advertise their businesses due to the high cost of advertising. These businesses were only restricted to their country of origin. The Internet, through email marketing, has allowed businesses to break these barriers. With very little money small businesses are able to market their products or services worldwide.

Although email marketing is the easiest way to reach your clients from all parts of the world without spending a lot of money caution must be taken because people don’t give their contacts to anyone. It is your duty to convince them to give you their email. Keep this in mind when preparing your business newsletter.

In the home page of your website post a clear subscribing form. This will attract customers immediately they visit your site before they get tired and leave without giving their email. This form is not supposed to ask for mush details, people might not like to give a lot of their details. Keep it short and precise.

In your site, make quality your motto. People are looking for information day and night and will give anything to get high quality and informative content. Assure them of quality and they will willingly subscribe.

After subscription send them a welcome email. Thank them for joining and remind them of their aim of joining your mailing list.

Make your emails in a way that they reflect your company. The company logo and color should be at the top of each email. This will make clients identify with them from the start.

Your emails should be short. People do not like to read long emails. In case of long emails make use of read more links so that they can read at their convenient time.

Quality is key in email marketing. Avoid writing your email in bad grammar, bad spellings or meaningless sentences; always proofread your email before you hit the send button.

You email should be optimized for mobile phones. People nowadays are reading their emails on mobile devices.

Always assure your client of their security. Do not ever share or sell you clients email address.

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