How Technology has become a part of life of the youth of India, Part 1

5.2.2014 Rezman Mirsom

Technology is a great thing which has come into everyone’s life. It is a great form of connecting various people, a unique mode of entertainment and more importantly a great way of providing information. With technological evolution, technology has become an integral part in every person’s life irrespective of age. Be it in the form of television, mobile, iPads, computers or the Internet; technology has become the ruler in everyone’s life.

Technology has made the life of every person very easy, especially the Internet. Internet is used by nearly everybody for something or the other. Students are using it to get information on any topic they want, music lovers use it to download, listen or learn any particular type of music, people staying at different parts of the world use it get connected. Therefore technology is present in some form or the other.

In a survey conducted by one of the largest software service provider in India, it has been stated that about seventy five percent of the youth of India prefer social networking sites and Medias to communicate rather than calls or emails. The percentage number is high for the youth in the metropolitan areas than the rural areas but the latter is also gearing up to come in par with the metros. It has been found out that nearly every high school and college student owns a mobile phone. Among them seventy percent at least have a smart phone which provides Internet facilities. Facebook and Twitter are the favorites of all.

The Indian youth when asked about their preference on how they socialize, says that they prefer social networking sites to communicate with friends and families. There was a certain percentage of youth who preferred sending messages through their phones or using messaging apps. Therefore it is very much clear that the youth of India has involved themselves very much with technology for their knowledge, entertainment and communication.

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