How Technology has become a part of life of the youth of India, Part 2

7.2.2014 Simon Bradley

As everything with its positive and negative sides, similarly the evolution of technology has its good and bad impacts. The good impacts are numerous. Technology in its various forms acts as a very good mode of entertainment for example, the Internet and the television; technology in the form of Internet provides knowledge on a vast number of educational topics; Internet also provides news and tutorials on every topic. Therefore, knowing the importance of the Internet in the development of a child, most of the schools are now providing Internet facilities with very good bandwidth for their students to do research on any topic and acquire good knowledge about the subjects that they're studying.

Apart from the good impact it has on the youth of India, it has also influenced the Indian youth in a negative way. Let us now discuss about the negative impacts it has on the youth of the society. Technology in the form of television has become such a necessary mode of entertainment and recreation that young children have become addicted to it. They have forgotten entertainment in the mode of physical games such as football, cricket; they are only interested in the different programs offered in the different channels or video games on their laptop or mobiles. It has also been noticed that the youth do not prefer going for social gatherings with their friends such as picnics and reunions rather they prefer connecting with their friends through different social networking sites.

There they share their thoughts, provide updates and talk to each other through text messages in the form of chat. The youth have nearly forgotten the pleasure one gets from meeting after a long time. Similarly there is a rising trend among the youth that most of them are also getting disconnected with their families and close relatives. They are so engrossed in their laptop and mobiles that they do not get time to have a friendly chat with their family or go and meet their relatives. In a study it has been stated that Internet users spend thirty minutes on an average less time with their parents when compared with non-Internet users.

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