How to avoid online fraud

24.12.2013 Roberto Arduous
Many businesses sell products and services online. Many people are also excited about online shopping from the comfort of their homes or offices. Just like anywhere else where money is involved, online fraudsters are ready to strike when an opportunity presents itself. They will pose like genuine buyers or sellers. As usual they are wolves in sheep clothing.

To beat fraudsters at their game you must be very keen and scrutinize each person as an individual but not like another who brought you a good deal. In most cases you are hit when you least expect. Fraudsters will always come with extreme offers. They will give you the best offer in town and promise the best aftersale services, they usually promise heaven on earth.

To keep them in check please utilize these tips and you will be assured of you safety when buying and selling online:

Know as much as possible of the person you are dealing with

This is the golden rule of online transactions. When you are doing business online try to find as much details as possible of the person you are dealing with. This can be done through a search of the company name on Google. Read the reviews of people who dealt with him before you. If the review is positive then go ahead with the transaction.

Keep off "too good" deals

Do not accept a deal which is giving you more than the normal. If a person offers to sell you let us say a computer, at a price below the manufactures and he claims that it is new, chances are, it is a scam, or the machine is not in a good working condition.

Only use legitimate sites only

If the site you are about to purchase from has no reviews please keep off unless you know their physical address.

Do not disclose your credit card details to strangers

Fraudsters are very keen to get your credit card details. They will entice you with all kinds of promises, please keep off as they can steal from you. If you happen to transact with a suspicious character please keep checking you credit card & bank statements. In case of a transaction you did not authorize, contact your bank.

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