How to change wireless security settings with WEP and WPA

20.11.2013 Rezman Mirsom
Some computers come with in-built network capabilities, thus allowing you to switch from one network security to another with ease. It is possible to change your computer’s security type with Windows 7 control panel.

WEP is an acronym for wireless equivalent privacy. It is basically a security setting that gives individuals access to a given wireless router provided that they have passwords to it. Where computers are networked, access to one computer allows you to access the other computers also found in the system. The WEP security key enhances the safety of the network which the computers are connected in by the wireless internet router.

Its important to regularly change your security setting, this way, the hackers will not have an easy work in coming up with a key or password into your system.

To change the security settings with WEP, the following steps are followed:

Simply hover your mouse to your computers start menu and select the start men before proceeding to the network sharing center where you will select manage wireless networks. The next thing to do is simply make a highlight of the wireless network you want to change security settings for, click on properties, before opening the security type tab at the apex of the dialog box and from the drop down menu selecting security type of your network which is WEP or WPA. The last thing is to press the ok button and save your settings.

Alternatively you can access your router’s security via your web browser. Follow the following steps:

a. Open your web browser, and go to your wireless router’s settings page. Type the IP address of your wireless router in the ‘Address bar’. Find the IP on the router’s manufacturers web page,

b. Using your user name and password, log in the ‘settings’,

c. Click on ‘security’ and choose the preferred encryption and input your new password and click ‘Save’.

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