How to create a Facebook Collage using Pictures of your Facebook Friends

13.12.2013 Fabian Rendon
Maybe you are in the middle of planning for an important event where your friends will be involved. A collection of their photos as collected on their Facebook account could provide an ideal source of amusement for them and spice up their moods. The process of creating a photo collage will basically require you have software which will ideally collect the photos and form them ideally in the desired format.

Choosing the ideal application for collage creation

There are various applications which are available for extraction and formation of the collage. These applications vary in usage and process though the end results are the same. They will search within the friend’s accounts and retrieve any photo which has been uploaded or posted. The photos are then put together in a predefined design.

Collage designs

Various applications will have varying inbuilt designs from which you can easily choose from. The predefined designs are set to ensure they conform to various events for which the collage maybe formed. They also come with custom settings which can be used to form your unique design.

Security and selection of photos

The applications available for collage formation are not installed with feature to select between uploaded photos. In this regard they extract photos including those which may be deemed as private. In this regard, albums considered to contain photos which are secured should not be included. The collage creations which are made from FaceBook collections are public display images. This means they are available to everyone.

Process of collage formation

To form a collage, you are required to install the necessary application. This maybe sourced from the Internet or installation cds. Once run, the application searches through you and your friends' Facebook accounts and extracting available photos. You are then required to choose the appropriate shape or format which the collage will take. After all this is done choose the name to save your collage as.

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