How to prevent malware in WordPress

10.12.2013 Fabian Rendon
Nowadays a lot of malware are available on Windows computers, more than any other kind of operating system because the majority of people are on the Windows platform. People who produce these malwares are focused more on Windows because this is where they will have to hit a lot of people in the bid to achieve their agenda.

Wordpress on the other hand is used by very many people making it a fertile distribution ground for malware and hackers. To protect yourself from this risk you must put strong measures in place to avoid being brought down by malwares. In this article we will discuss some of the basic things to avoid in order to get rid of malware vulnerability in your WordPress blog.

Avoid using free themes; in the Internet there are many themes offered for free. These themes can be very dangerous because you cannot be certain of their origin and can contain malwares which could infect your site and others with whom you share the same IP address. To be secure on free themes use only the ones offered at

Failure to upgrade; within short periods of time WordPress offers an upgrade, this comes with new security features to protect your site. If you fail to upgrade you are leaving yourself at a high risk of malwares, make sure you are always up to date and you will be secure.

Use of free plugins outside site; free things are actually very expensive. People offer free thing to promote other hidden ideas it is advisable to scrutinize free plugins before using them.

Avoid visiting sites that are not secure; if you are a marketer it is very possible to hang out in many forums, some of them might be infected and they will spread the virus to your site.

These are some of areas that can make you go through a lot of pain with you blog. Malware are very expensive to clean from your site because they infect every area of you blog from your scripts, theme files and database. When malware strikes expert advice is paramount and it comes at a price, take precaution and you will be safe.

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