How to set up and use a free server proxy

18.12.2013 Simon Bradley

While a server proxy provides an interface between an Internet client’s computer and the Internet web server, most individuals are often stuck when it comes to setting up a free server proxy on their computers. With a free server proxy, you can essentially surf the net without any restrictions and fundamentally access restricted websites in addition to browsing anonymously.

Setting up a free server proxy

You will first have to download free server proxy software that is not only powerful but also easy to use. As such, you will need to search for the latest available versions of the software on the Internet.

Upon finding suitable free server proxy software, you will have to install it onto your computer by following the instructions provided and then saving the configuration settings. You will however need to keep the options of your server proxy software at default.

After configuring the free server proxy software to your computer, you will have to obtain an Internet IP address for your server. To do this, you can search for the keywords "query IP" or "IP query" and open the listed website on your server proxy and essentially get a free Internet IP address.

Using the free server proxy

Before using the free server proxy on your computer, you will have to configure your browser (Internet explorer and Firefox) to use it, as well as for other applications that require online connectivity such as MSN Messenger, Skype and CuteFTP.

After configuring the free server proxy on your Internet browser and network applications, you can use it for a varied number of things such as to anonymously surf the Internet by hiding your home IP address and instead using the server proxy’s IP address to surf the Internet. Similarly, you can configure the settings of your server proxy to limit access to some websites.

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