How to speed-up slow computers and laptops

12.11.2013 Daniel Jaramillo

Nowadays every person feels this problem of a slow computer and laptops. There are many ways to increase the speed of the computer or laptop. Even the operating system has introduced with the mobile phone, due to the operating system in mobile phone, the mobile phone become hang when many files or option used at a time. This very common problem usually faces by every user of the computer, laptop or mobile. There are several ways to improve the speed of the computer. Let us discuss those tricks to speed-up the computer.

The first trick is if you want to improve or increase the speed of the computer then turn off all the updates of the computer even though does not update your operating system. When you connect with the internet, your operating system or software automatically starts updating by the internet and while updating your computer become slow. Therefore, it is better to turn off the all updates of the computer when you are using the computer or laptop. You can update your window or other software when you are not using the computer just turn on the all the updates and when you back on the seat then stop updating.

Another trick is you want to increase the speed of the computer and for the time being you do not need internet then unplug the internet then use the computer. You will find your computer works faster than before. With this trick you can use only when you do not need the internet in the computer.

Further if you want to increase the speed of the computer then if you can afford then upgrade your computer or laptop configuration according to the requirement of your work. Then you will find the clear difference in the speed.

Internet sucks the speed and sources of the computer or laptop because internet starts updating all the things without permission.

There are also many other ways by which you can reduce the internet usage but it is complicated or dangerous because the process of reducing the internet usage can effect on the registry file of the operating system therefore, your operating system could be corrupt and you could lose all your data.

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