How To Sync Photos Of Facebook Friends With Contacts In Microsoft Outlook

12.11.2013 Benjamin Gubler

Microsoft Outlook is one of the traditional softwares which have been greatly used to keep contact. However, this has operated mainly within business and official circles. This is unlike the Facebook which is more of a social application and contact is based or friendly relationship. Contacts saved in Microsoft Outlook do not normally have photos and thus these may be imported from Facebook easily and conveniently. When this is done, it allows images and photos to be displayed in place of names when calls are being made.

Required applications for synchronization:

There are various softwares which are available for this purpose. However with Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007, it is possible to search for contacts and synchronize without the need for an external application. Where the Facebook application is contained in smartphones, a program known as OutSync is available which is used to create a connection between Microsoft Outlook and the Facebook application.

The process of synchronization:

Sychronisation for Facebook and Microsoft Outlook only allows profile photos to be imported from Facebook to Microsoft Outlook

This is done in the process outlined as follows:

  1. From the open program of Microsoft Outlook, click on people button, and then outlook contact manager at the bottom of the tool.

  2. Click on connect to social network option on the contact manger. This is located to the left of the sidebar.

  3. This will open up the social network widow where you are required to enter your log in details. This option provides a list of available social network applications from which you are required to check on one which you use before you enter the log in address.

  4. After these processes have been done effectively, Microsoft Outlook then carries out a detailed search on your Facebook contacts matching up various contact addresses with personal profiles of your friends. The contacts who match effectively will have their photos extracted and added to the Microsoft Outlook contact details.

This process is required from time to time to ensure that the contact information on your Microsoft Outlook is updated accordingly.

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