If you have style you should check out some of these awesome round Android Wear faces

30.9.2014 Roberto Arduous
An official API for custom Android Wear watches faces is being worked on by Google at the moment, this innovation will lallow developers to design their own looks. But this has not stopped some third-party faces in their tracks from appearing online. An example of this is the Star Trek themed one we called attention to in the month of July. There even so happens to be an Android app available in the Play Store for a mere 99 cents called Facer that is able to be used to design your very own watch faces or even install a face created by another person.
The Moto 360, the first circular Android Wear smartwatch is now available. Due to this I’ve been seeing some amazing watch faces that benefit entirely from the traditional round shape. Whereas some of these were designed in Facer, others were created in full detail with the help of more advanced 3D modeling software. In any circumstance, they are all a big advancement from the faces officially created by Google and its partners of Android Wear.

Keep in your mind that a custom face , especially a detailed one could possibly affect the battery life of your Android Wear device. It is quite possible that using the official API will assist you in that way so even if these faces look amazing now, you might want to allow some time to pass before making any big customizations. But some of these look too great to even wait another second!

Due to the fact that I’m not a designer I won’t have much of a say on this matter and allow others to continue making excellent watch faces. For people who are interested in design, they may want to think of our Gigaom Roadmap event in mind for the month of November, in where Yves Béhar and Matías Duarte, there are also many others, they will be speaking on the topic of the age of invisible design.

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