Impact of smart phones on the youth of the society

23.1.2014 Benjamin Gubler

Smart phones are very useful in our day-to-day life. Hence the number of smartphone users is increasing very rapidly. In India the number of smart phone users is more in the urban cities rather than the rural areas. It is estimated that about nine percent of urban mobile users uses smart phones.

India has proven to be a blooming ground for the mobile sector. Hence most of the mobile manufacturing companies are targeting the youth of the country and trying to utilize this ground for maximizing their profit.

Though smart phones are very useful in day to day life as the Internet can be connected and most of the work which requires an Internet connection can be done through these phones. Moreover one can download different applications of various categories and use it in their daily life. For example: apps such as password security, private diary, etc.

Although smart phones are very useful in our day to day life there are various disadvantages of using them. Because of these disadvantages, the youth who are more involved with smart phones are facing various hurdles because of the use of smart phones.

The main hurdle a youth is facing is lack of memory. With the advent of mobile phones, the first most failure of the youth is not remembering phone numbers of friends and family. Before the mobiles one had to dial the number which helped people to remember every person’s number but with mobiles the necessity of remembering phone numbers have gone and when the phone gets disabled one may not be able to recall the number from their mind.

Another drawback of using smart phones is that many children are getting addicted to them because of the different types of games which can be played on them. So, most children are neglecting physical games, mental games such as puzzles and blocks. They are more inclined towards games such as car racing and bike racing.

So the young generation of the country is becoming more dependent on smart phones because of their multi-tasking facilities which are both a boon and bane.

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