Incorporating a business in Tanzania

30.6.2014 Roberto Arduous

When wanting to register a company in Tanzania, you need to first apply for the proposed name of the company at the Business Registration and Licensing Authority (BRLA). The registration can be submitted by mail or delivered in person to the authority’s offices. When the applicant is notified of the availability of the name they must prepare the memorandum and articles of association for the registration process.

The entrepreneur must obtain a notarized declaration of compliance at a cost that ranges from (Tanzanian Shillings) TZS 10,000 to TZS 50,000. The next application that they need to make is for the certificate of incorporation which is obtained at a cost of TZS 236,200. The business trade name and companies can only be registered in Dar es Salaam, the process involves naming a secretary and director in the article of association or subscriber.

The following documents should be submitted at the registrar of companies;

A declaration of compliance for the registration of the company,

The memorandum and articles of association

The first directors and intended situation of registered office.

The certificate of association is normally processed within 5 days. The fees are dependent on the company one wishes to register and are especially relative to the share capital in the company. Also included during the registration is the stamp duty fee on an original memorandum and articles of association for TZS 6,200 and additional copies will be charged at TZS 5,000.

Next the subscriber will be required to apply for a tax registration number at the Tanzanian revenue authority at no charge. The TIN registration process is computerized and takes a minimum of 2 days. After obtaining a tax identification number (TIN) all the directors must be present to give all their identification information which is fed into a biometric system.

They must then apply for a business from the region trade officer depending on the nature of business to be registered. The certificate of association, memorandum and articles of association, proof of Tanzanian citizenship, proof of suitable company premises and the tax identification number (TIN) are the requirements for the application.

A business must also apply for a VAT certificate at the Tanzania Revenue Authority; an insurance policy must be taken for the workmen at the national insurance corporation or from other providers. Finally the subscriber must register the company at the national social security fund.

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