Innovative Features of Google Glass

23.1.2014 Daniel Jaramillo
Google Glass has been one of the most revolutionary technologies that has been recently launched. Currently, it is being used by a few thousand select “Explorers.” It has not just drawn the attention of the tech savvy, but even legal experts.

Google Glass features a tiny panel for the right eye and it has a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels. According to Google, the gadget provides picture quality that is equivalent to that of a 25-inch HD screen from a distance of 8 feet. It is more than sufficient for such a small panel. It has a specially built-in camera featuring a 5-MP sensor that supports video capturing at 720p. The audio component is comprised of a bone conduction transducer. Instead of featuring traditional headphones, the gadget transmits audio signals through the tiny bones in the ear before the user can hear them as sound.

Google Glass has a built-in storage of 16 GB, out of which 4GB is required for internal applications and 12GB is available to the user. Most importantly, Google has synced the gadget with its cloud storage. The frame in the Glass is designed for “any face.” There are 3 sets of nose pads that could be adjusted for comfortable wear. Although Google has not given any figures about the battery life of the device, it has stated that the spectacles power supply are designed to last a “full day.”

With Google all set to launch the device this year, many businesses and interested parties are already developing apps to facilitate their interests and help users. Hyundai, for example is developing an app for Google Glass users and buyers of their future sedan, Genesis. Users will be able to do a lot using Glass. They could locate their car, start it automatically, lock/unlock the doors, and even send addresses to the vehicle’s navigation system.

Even push notifications will be sent to Google Glass wearers to inform when the car is due for maintenance. However, Hyundai also claims that the level of integration will be kept as limited as possible to ensure that there are not distractions to driving. It is also reported that Google Glass may find a system that will help keep the driver awake when he/she is driving.

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