Internet growth and the increase in employment opportunities in Kenya and East Africa

21.2.2014 Daniel Jaramillo

Kenya and East African states have over the years been dominated by high unemployment rates. This can mostly be attributed to low industrial and economic growth against a high population growth rate. Penetration of Internet access in the region has however sparked a tremendous change in the rate of employment. Unlike the developed nations, Kenya and the East African region had been lagging behind in Internet penetration.

Internet growth has provided a platform through which agri-business is thriving. Through this, farmers and other players in the industry are able to source for better markets for their produce. The East African community is heavily dependent on agricultural production both for local consumption and as exports. This resulted in better income for the farmers and hence creation of more wealth and jobs within the region. Various production companies have also embarked on e-commerce thus widening their scope of business. This creates more revenue for the businesses with higher growth rate and creation of employment opportunities.

The communication sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the region. This has seen the establishment and growth of various companies which offer communication services. This, in turn, creates more job opportunities for the citizens of Kenya and the East African region. Companies dealing with production of communication gadgets have also increased their presence in the region, where there is a growing market for their products. This is through appointment of agents and distributors within the region who offer employment opportunities to residents.

Over the past decade, Industrialized nations have been outsourcing man power to developing countries. This is done through various international companies that act as recruiting agents. The companies post the available positions online. With affordable and easy Internet access, East Africans are able to apply for these positions and thus reduce the unemployment figure within the region. Work at home jobs have also provided hundreds of Kenyans with working opportunities where they are able to work online and thus be in a position to make an income.

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