Invisible side of the war

6.7.2013 Roberto Arduous

Nobody has looked at this war that is between Android and IOS that way.

According to fifteen years ago, children have crossed with technology in early ages today. Today’s children are very close to technology and meet with technology when almost they are baby. And most demanded present is a technological device from children as in school semesters or in their birthdays according to searchings’ results. Whatever you gift your child you have to care about some protections. Its brand, features, shape are not important. These devices have to a suitable family control mechanism to save your children from dangers. Before make a decision families have to think about this measure deeply.

For the following days, Samsung the increasing competition between Apple and are Samsung, arch-rival, because it leaves behind a great deal about the Android operating system for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch control system based on a family's much more easy to use. The big point is that makes the difference between Android's no technical knowledge on the subject to have an infrastructure which is available to everyone without the need for.

According to NQ Mobile's product manager Kim Gavin, Android operating system provides great flexibility on the protection of children to families. Last days NQ Mobile has written software that name is Family Guardian for android.

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