Is it time to use 64 bits?

6.7.2013 Julian Blazek
Is it time to make 64-bit version of Windows? More importantly, is your system appropriate?

We are sharing tools that may help you when you are deciding between 32 or 64 bits Windows in our this article.

Really will the performance of my computer increase when i start to use 64Bit, do you need to do, and does this transition cause major problems on my computer?All of them is in users' mind

Lets start to at begining. Windows XP 64bit is  main reason of A lot of 64 troubles and complains that you have heard.Windows XP 64 Bit had realised very early so it wasnt ready and it had not suitable software pool so user could thought easyly that 64 bit was problematic. 

Intent is not only the established of software, hardware drivers that also includes the recognition and proper operation. The good news is that, unlike the Microsoft Vista hardware manufacturers strictly inspected and certified on the Windows 7 compatibility with the hardware and software components.

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