Is Microsoft’‘s new e-mail service, simplicity and functionality, going through Gmail? Here is the answer!

6.7.2013 Fabian Rendon

Last week Microsoft introduced web based e-mail service which has come with his strong features. So what can do with its offers features againist to google’‘s free e-mail service gmail?

Interface of

outlook, although has  not to much  difference with Gmail offers a simple user interface a little more.  

Outlook has a clean interface which focuses to emails: You dont see anything except your e-mails in your inbox when you joing your email account. Although the ads on   the side, it has a more clean interface according to Hotmail and Gmail.

Gmails interface focuses to  Google: Gmail’‘s interface is known closely by most of us. Personalized ads are shown on the upper side of the main page. The ads shows through a bar in missives.On the side a compartment of conversation, on the upper side a Google bar

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