Isn’t Mentioned, Abandoned This Operating System, Might Makes Sorely To Miss M.S’s Enjoy

6.7.2013 Daniel Jaramillo

According to the  latest figures released by Gartner, Samsung's operating system Bada's marketing rate is same with Windows Phone.

According to the latest figures released by Gartner market share of Samsung's Bada operating system, Windows Phone with the same. Both two systems also currently a 2.7 percent of the mobile device market in the world share of. The worse part is Samsung focuses to a new operating system who is called as Tizen instead Bada now

Although this figure is RIM's 5.2 percent of the market from the manufacturer of the BlackBerry is much more low, than in the same period a year earlier, in which case the lost 6.5 percent share. Compared to the same period the percentage of Bada, Microsoft Phone does that Ascension is 1.6 percent and 1.9.

Windows Phone, sold in the second quarter of 2012 4,087 million device. This is lower than the estimate (5.1 million) from Microsoft.

Nokia announced that the 4 million the same quarter ship Lumia. Although the ship and sell the same thing compared to Nokia's notable, even if the figures are figures that said, reaching Windows Phone manufacturer.

Although Microsoft's mobile device market figures from the only source of income is not phone sales. The company also obtains income by preventing patents Android manufacturers.

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