IT Governance in Business

21.5.2014 Julian Blazek

Governance means bringing about processes to enable decision making easier, and only when this governance is perfect can IT align with business effectively to produce results. Thus aligning IT with business is also related to information technology governance. The people at the helm of the business, like board of directors or the executive management who should take responsibility in providing guidelines for governance using IT.

Thus IT becomes a integrated mechanism of the business organization’s governance, which are defined by the processes and structures which make sure that the organizational environment sustains the information technology in such a way that IT can extend objectives and strategies of the business.

In this cause IT portfolio management also plays an important role, which is more concerned with business strategies in deciding which projects of IT requires funding and which do not. These are major decisions which will affect the role of IT in a business environment.

IT enables business to achieve value but only when its tools are properly used. This means the scope of business and IT alignment is the force behind the transformation of a business environment, in which work is redesigned in order to accomplish the goals, thus IT aligning with business can bring about a whole transformation in the outlook of the company.

In more than one way, integrating IT with business does not restrict itself to throwing open the technical components to be used by the business organization, but it is a tool for change in the management style of functioning, and only when this is made a part of the business goal, then the full potential of IT in business environment comes into force.

Creating value, using technology is totally dependent on how the business goals and strategies are aligned with IT, which plays an overall role in making the business organization to recognize its own competetiveness.

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