It Left Google and Choosed Bing

6.7.2013 Rezman Mirsom

Who did give to Google a big impact which is   biggest impact which Google got ever.

Microsoft has announced Kindle Fire HD will use bing search engine as a default search engine, And Amazon verified this explanation.

Two Companies began  to deal just shortly before. Adam Sohn, general manager of communications and influencer marketing at Bing said that last pieces of the agreement were complated today.Also Sohn indicated bing will be default search engine in Kindle Fire HD and

Kindle Fire's web browsers. But still is not known if this deal covers Amazon's E Ink readers or not. Users can change their seacrh engines to yahoo or Google search engine when they desire.

This news has been preorted by the web site ubergizmo. Subsequently Amazon confirmed to ArsTechnica and Mashable.

Amazon is second big partner of Google in the mobile market. The first partner of Google was RIM dealed with Microsoft in 2011 Spring.It was annnounced by Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer  in Blackberry World which was organized by RIM. He announced that New BlackBerry phones will use Bing search engine and Bing Maps.

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