IT placements – Résumé is the key

7.11.2013 Julian Blazek
How do you approach your future IT employer? With a five or 9-page long résumé? Isn’t it outdated? The future of job-search is now linked with multimedia. Already a number of people are blogging with a minute long video to apply for IT openings in marketing jobs, and rightly enough recruiters use Skype for interviewing such applicants.

Though sounding too sophisticated, you will do well to remember the times are such that we will all be doing the same thing shortly. Today we are coming across job-seekers and placement managers looking out for graphics about your career in the school and college, videos to suggest how self-confident you are and how you are recognized by the likes in the social media. Multimedia is now part of the job market and unless you are equipped with all these paraphernalia you may get lost in the job searching landscape.

Recruiting agencies and managers are now preferring to zero on younger people, who can prove that they have already been exposed to information technology, and have grown up in environments which have made them to prefer Face Time to landline telephones, who have designed their own personal websites, videos, portfolios accessible online, and also websites which can exhibit their work-examples, apart from boasting about the online links to similar communities as the one they have come from.

Thus you see a number of recruiters encouraging job seekers to cushion their profile resume with photos, videos, and PowerPoint presentations. There are organizations like Visualise Me who help you make your boring resume come alive through info-graphics, presented online. IT has helped people to welcome such new avenues for seeking jobs. These attempts help you to get noticed in the crowd. Next time when you are searching for a IT position, remember résumé’s are passé – video presentations are the in-thing.

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