Managing your Storage Space

6.7.2013 Fabian Rendon

When you are syncing your device you have almost total control over exactly what gets synced onto your iPad.

The default settings provide you with a little bit of everything; a bit of music, a few videos, latest podcasts, the entirety of your apps… but you can set your iPad up to be even more useful with just a bit of management.

When your iPad is connected and iTunes recognizes it, try to go through each tab, it will take some time but this will help you ultimately personalize the content you really want on your iPad.

I love using my iPad mostly for personal usage, like showing photo albums to friends and family, so for this, under the photos tab, I have set my iPad up to sync the latest events, plus a few favorites of mine like holiday photos and birthdays.

?On the other hand, I have an iPhone to listen to music and audio podcasts, so I’ve completely disabled music syncing.

I have an iPhone that I use to listen to music and podcasts, so I have disabled music syncing, as I won’t be needing this on my iPad.

Managing your Apps the Easy Way

Moving a lot of apps around using the wobble technique can take a long time as this is just used for arranging Apps on a screen.

The way to do this easier is to plug in your iPad and use the Apps tab in your iTunes Sync screen.

Here you can drag Apps around using your mouse.

You can icons right on to another screen to preview it on the preferred screen (as in the screen you want to drag it to).

If you can’t find which screen you want to place the app onto, just find an app from that screen, you can do this by searching on the alphabetical list of apps, this is on the left side of the screen. Find it and double click it. Here, iTunes will show you where the app is currently placed.

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