Many uses of Multiple Input Multiple Output Technology

6.6.2014 Benjamin Gubler
Multiple Input Multiple Output Technology, also known as MIMO, is a system of a number of antennas for using signals that have been reflected to enhance the strength of channels, and hence it is a radio communication system or RF which is widely used in many spheres. Some of the technologies that make use of this technology include Wi-Fi, LTE, etc, which increases both spectral effectiveness, and capacities of the link, using the same paths which were earlier deemed as interference paths.

You can presently see a number of MIMO routers, which are wireless, and even as this technology is becoming popular more such routers will find way into market. The technology took many years to develop into its present state, necessitating the formulations of basic concepts as also new technologies to be developed to evolve MIMO into a workable proposition. Spatial multiplexing and making use of the benefits acquiring form spatial diversity needed altogether fresh processing levels.

Until about the 1990s, only two antennas were used for switching or combining signals to enhance the quality of signals, apart from employing beam signals. Considering the processing levels the technology had very limited capabilities. But with the availability of more levels of processing power, both spatial multiplexing and spatial diversity were put to better use.

To begin with, MIMO concentrated on basics of spatial diversity, using the technology for the limiting the degradation which multipath broadcast resulted. With this initial step, the technology was propelled to make use of additional channels, for broadcasting further data.

In 1993 it was Arokiaswamy Paulraj and and Thomas Kaliath, who made a proposal for using MIMO for spatial multiplexing purposes, who also received patent a year later. In 1998 Bell laboratories brought the first organized effort to bring forth a prototype produced in a lab for spatial multiplexing, and thus MIMO technology was available for widespread usage.

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