Marketing and IT

4.6.2014 Daniel Jaramillo

There is a view that when IT and Marketing are considered together in a business, marketing people call IT staff "propelling people", whereas IT professionals call the marketing personnel "airheads". No doubt, marketing makes use of IT in a number of ways including in building up customer relations and managing them. Marketing makes use of IT databases extensively.

While IT has been supplying a number of projects to marketing, IT itself is unable to keep up with the changing speed necessitated in campaigns for marketing, including getting customers through mobile apps etc. Many businesses have conceded that customer interface provided in mobile apps is of utmost importance in many marketing activities. This has prompted the marketing people to even take the services of people from outside their organization to develop mobile apps. Doing this bypasses the governance of IT.

The main problem with IT staff, as far as marketing professionals is concerned, is square with the reaction time and mentality of IT who blame IT as slow and rigid. It is time they argue that IT teams pick up speed from the example of marketing teams. They also want IT professionals to have a positive mindset. And develop techniques for consultative marketing.

IT focuses too much on technology. To get IT to come to terms with interpretations of strategies adopted by business is has been considered to be difficult. Things appear to be changing now. More and more people are now working closely with marketing, as a result of appearance of number of customer channels, even as marketing gears up to conquer the modern consumer society.

This consumerisation has even given IT a chance to influence people and win friends, through lending their own methods at work to marketing people, and also throwing open the doors to social media, wherever needed. The problem of IT and marketing trying to keep away from one another may be due to the culture of the business environment which has first to be changed.

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