Minecraft will be brought to Windows Phone, promises Xbox chief

30.9.2014 Simon Bradley
Microsoft's Xbox chief, Phil Spencer, has confirmed that Minecraft will be preceding towards Windows Phone with simply saying yes. This is not a move that is awfully surprising given the recent obtainment of this popular title by Microsoft, although the software maker did not make the promise to bring Minecraft to Windows Phone in its first announcement. This confirmation made by Spencer means Microsoft will probably be working on moving the game across when the finalisation of the deal is carried out and it may even arrive for users of Surface RT and Windows RT.

The new universal apps of Microsoft seem to be the way that makes most sense to bring Minecraft to Windows Phone and the version that is Metro-style to Windows 8.1 and Windows RT, although the company will also have to operate the recently released Xbox One version. The deal to purchase the makers of Minecraft by Microsoft is planned to be finishes by the end of this year and the company has also made the promise to continue working on versions of the game that are cross-platform.

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