Netflix is at last supporting Desktop Linux

30.9.2014 Magdalena Gauci
Linux nowadays supports alot of things in the world of technology, this is including the Roku and most importantly, Android -but still the existence of desktop Linux even to this day can be found in a quiet and calm dead end street where the order of command is still the UI which is opted. Intrinsically, users that operate such things as Ubuntu and Arch Linux have had more ready access to streaming content on their cellphones and TVs than they have on their computers. After a massive seven long years now, Netflix is at last and officially making its way to Linux.

Paul Adolph, who is the Netflix senior software engineer wrote on the forums of Ubuntu last night that devices running the latest version of the NSS security libraries will be able to run Netflix in Chrome without having to change the user agent of their browser.This aforementioned change occurs as Netflix steers away from Silverlight in favor of HTML5. What this means is, going forward, users no matter what the distro will probably will just be required to update Chrome and their security plugins in order to be able to benefit from the change. Although this brings about the question of whether the charge for Linux to win the desktop will begin once again.

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