New “Stories to Share” feature on Facebook to create ripples

6.12.2013 Fabian Rendon
Facebook recently launched a new feature called “Stories to Share”, a new tool that lets websites to post content on their Page from the Insights Dashboard under the Admin panel. This new feature makes it more convenient for media websites to explore more engaging content that could be posted on their Facebook Page. A media site will get suggestions of stories already published on their site, but not shared on Facebook.

According to Facebook, the Stories to Share feature is currently being tested. Many media websites and publishers are testing it, and it’s not yet available for all Facebook Pages. It’s reported that Facebook has worked with almost three dozen media sites in one week to learn the effect of increasing number of posts on the Facebook Page of a site on the referral traffic to the site. The tests have revealed that media sites that posted more posts experienced a growth of over 80% in their referral traffic.

During the pre-launch one-week period, the test media sites posted an average of 57% more articles on their Facebook Pages. They experienced a stunning growth of 89% in the average clicks on their websites. According to Facebook, the growth in the frequency of posts also helped in achieving 10% higher Likes and 49% growth in number of fans joining each page. One of the sites in this test was

Facebook revealed more data about the tests to highlight the impact of the new Stories to Share feature on referral traffic. For example, has seen a growth of over 200% in their referral traffic from the social networking site in the last year. However, that figure is nothing compared to the figures for Bleacher Report and Buzzfeed. The former recorded an increase of over 1080%, while the later saw a staggering 855% growth in traffic.

The new Stories to Share feature is expected to be a groundbreaking strategy in search engine optimization and social media optimization. This feature may not have received much publicity yet, but it is something quite big and is going to create ripples.

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