NoSQL, NewSQL and the future of Database Management Systems, Part 2

21.7.2014 Fabian Rendon
Most of the users who want to bring a move to NewSQL consider that its system performance will be higher than that of traditional online transaction processing RDBMS. According to an estimate, it is considered that the systems will be able to run almost 50 times the rate.

Future of DBMS - Beyond NoSQL and NewSQL, it is expected that there could be any possibility in the future. It is claimed that distributing computing could become the most important trend in future. It is also expected that a specific system of model adaptation can improve to the level where it can address the needs of almost every business out there.

Chances are that one of the models can evolve and embrace the statements of the other ones. This can make it the reference model that DBAs can look forward to. However, it is also expected that the value of distributed computing will make businesses to accept and continue with the costs involved in the inefficient methods of data transmission.

The perfect solution may be a database management system that could apply the limitations of a specific model to the basic data. This can allow the current infrastructure to function at existing levels while offering natural and native support for better models as and when required.

There is an ever growing need for scalable DBMS. It is expected that improved NewSQL providers could emerge in the future to meet this need. The new systems will make the most out of the distributed server architecture with the common availability of data grid applications and NewSQL.

It is also expected that a certain section of the future market will also see new NoSQL systems being developed to provide solutions. Distributed cache or data-grid applications are going to become the likely options that are alternatives to relational DBMS. They can become the main platform for distributed DBMS and relational databases can take over a more supportive role.

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