Notable universities offering science and engineering courses in Kenya

28.4.2014 Fabian Rendon

There are a number of institutions of higher learning that offer science and engineering classes in Kenya. There are around 48 universities in Kenya and among them are about 22 that are funded by the government (public universities), then there are 14 private chartered universities, plus about 12 that operate with a Letter of Interim Authority (LIA). The higher education sector in the country can only be described as emerging and it has not yet been able to quench the thirst for education by most high school graduates.

There have been different rankings that have been published on the hierarchy of universities, according to management, research, resources and total commitment to improving the state of education in Kenya and Africa as a whole. There are also a number of polytechnics, public colleges and private ones that dedicate themselves to offering the same courses. However, most of the science and engineering courses are offered in the public universities. Most private chartered universities offer courses in the arts.

Among the best recognized universities in the science and school engineering courses, Nairobi University is highly ranked. It might be termed as the mother of all the public universities because of its strategic location in the capital city Nairobi. The university offers some of the highest grade in science and engineering courses. The school can be credited with molding some of the Kenya’s best scientists. It is then followed by Kenyatta in terms of no particular ranking. It is the second largest public university in Kenya and was established in 1975. It has majored mostly on offering courses dealing with humanities and arts.

A school of science and more specifically engineering is ongoing derived from the schools of pure and applied sciences in Egerton University, which is located in Nakuru. Egerton University is another university focused on growth of the technical aspect of farming and as such has a number of agriculture related businesses among other various courses including engineering. The Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and technology is a well established institution of higher learning that offers various technological courses and has produced some really talented young ICT experts. It was established in 1981 as a middle level college but was later turned into a fully fledged university in 1994.

Moi University, another notable Kenyan educational institute, is located a few kilometers from Eldoret town. It is in an ideal location considering the great weather of the north rift valley regions. Other notable universities include Masinde Muliro University of science and technology, Maseno University is among others that offer science and engineering courses.

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