Pandora gets attacked by Big Music

6.11.2014 Simon Bradley

Music Industry lawyers are having a grand time these days since a major court victory with SiriusXM has opened the floodgates to attack other companies. This week we have seen the laywers buckle down on a lawsuit against Pandora.

The current legal filing came after Flo and Eddie — the 1960’s duo who performed hits like “It Ain’t Me Babe” filed a class action complaint in an LA federal court, with a demand in suit that warrants Pandora to pay a larger sum for playing their sound recordings dating over 40 years old.

The details of the legal proceedings are boggling but in layman’s terms the cases are based on a novel legal theory based on state copyright laws — laws that, in the view of many people, replaced by 1972 revisions to the Copyright Act.

They hit a pocket of gold with this novel legal theory when a LA judge ruled that SiriusXM was obliged to cough up federal and state copyright royalties, this was a case that included Flo and Eddie. Copywright lawyers made an accurate prediction when they said that many other similar lawsuits were soon to follow

The sound record royalties represent payments for record labels who own the song and the musicians who performed it. Pandora and other companies like it these royalties would be paid on top of the amount they already pay to songwriters and performers etc.

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