Parents' role in Social Media

25.12.2013 Magdalena Gauci

Parents are an important part of society as they bring up children. This role shapes the destiny of the children. Parents are the role models of the children. If they fail the whole generation fails. Children are easy to bring up in their early days but complications can start when they start to discover themselves.

At this stage they start experimenting with a lot of thing. This is the stage they usually join social media. They will have a lot of friends and discover a lot. At this stage parental guidance is very important. If parents don't take this part, this young person will get advice from their friends and there is a chance that they will be mislead.

If the youth are left to access anything they want in the Internet, they will certainly go astray. Social media is a good way to make friend but these friends should be chosen carefully with a help from a guardian or a parent. Their motives should be carefully scrutinized.

Here are a few ways that can help parents monitor who their child is engaging with:

Parents should control the amount of time spent on Facebook. It is estimated that the longer a student engages in social media, the more that their performance in school will be negatively affected. This affects the life of the child in a negative way.

Parents should try and be friends with their children in social media. This will help the parents to see whatever the child engages in. The parent will be able to see the child’s friends and also to view profile updates.

Encourage dialogue with your child. This will help in communication, when he or she has a problem it becomes very easy for them to ask for advice from you rather than from a friend.

Try as much as possible to work with your child in almost everything. This will help you to convince them to open a social media account with him. Through this you will be able to easily view their status.

The best way to protect your kinds is to educate them, let them know the dangers of keeping bad company. Talk to them, let them understand. Do not force them so that they reject you, use a friendly approach.

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