People who manage IT

16.5.2014 Magdalena Gauci

IT managers are akin to project managers, though with a difference in their focus. While an IT manager is answerable to upper management for the ongoing services related to IT in the organization, the project manager is accountable and answerable only to that particular project with a defined period of starting and ending.

Many IT programs are planned to make managers and guide them towards proper management which includes designing, planning, implementing business strategies through IT. They are also trained towards identifying and bring into operation emerging communication and information technologies.

An IT manager’s schedule usually includes training staff, at all levels of an organizations, in technical knowledge. This helps in bringing about an integrated approach by people availing of technologies to accomplish business needs so that the strategic aims of an organization are wholly met.

Having been educated in the field, they should be able to provide explanations to the terminology used in IT, apart from analyzing the management theories, concepts and practices. Their duties would include applying these practices into a real working environment, which can differ from organization to organization.

Managing data is an important aspect of the profession, the staff involved should understand how to present data based on the information requester. Some of the challenges faced by IT managers can be stated as organizing the increased amounts of data, as this data is collected and separated for use in the different wings of the organization. There are many tools that can output the data in a user-friendly visual format.

Quality of data and security of the information is the most important aspect of the work of an IT Manager, the latest versions of operating systems, database management systems and other applications have robust structures of user privileges for this purpose.

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