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27.11.2013 Daniel Jaramillo

A big number of Facebook users are young people and keeping them engaged has been the number one priority of the Facebook developers. Many new applications are introduced on Facebook regularly. Some end up to become hits on Facebook while others never even get noticed. This field changes now and then and therefore it is possible to have an application being very popular this month and the next month it is not anywhere near the top. Over the years trend on Facebook has shown games to be the most popular applications. Here is a list of some of the most popular applications:


This is a game that became very popular because it attracts about 90 million players who play this game on a regular basis. It involves building a city from the ground up. The success of the city is solely on the players hand because he is the one who manages and balances the city’s transactions. The social aspect of this game is well established because for your city to grow you must be in good terms with other friend’s cities to increase your business with them in order to get enough supply to grow your city.

Texas HoldEm Poker

This is a game of poker that helps people to challenge their old friends for a game of poker or meet new friends who love to play poker and test their skill in playing the game online. This is a great way to pass time with your friends from all over the world who love to play poker.


This is an online application that has more than 120 million users all over the world but more than 30 million use Badoo Facebook application. This application helps users to find friends with similar interest to possibly become friends or start dating. Once online users can play games, socialize and chat.


This is game that is based on the farming idea where you are provided with a farm and a small amount of money to cultivate and buy seeds. The player is the one to select the crop to be planted and carry out all the required processes of a farm and one he harvest he sell the produce and reinvest the profits on the farm and develops it even more.

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