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25.6.2014 Daniel Jaramillo
3D animation is one of the techniques in image making that have gained a lot of popularity with a large number of people and industries using it in movies, games and also in advertisements.

Different fields that utilize computer animation:

Movie making: In the movie making industry, animation software in creating animated images that are incorporated into movies to make them more interesting to watch or to drive their theme home in a good way.

Architectures: In the construction industry, there is high demand for 3D images. Architects use animation software to give their building drawings a 3D look to give a clear illustration of how the building they designed will look on completion.

Game production: 3D animation software is used a great deal in desktop computer games to create characters, vehicles and full motion video sequences.

Widely used computer animation software:

MAYA - This is considered to be one of the leading 3D modeling and animation software programs. After the release of this software many professionals stopped using the older software. MAYA has a very user friendly interface and it can be used for both linear and non-linear animations. It features high grade built-in lighting and shading effects.

3D Studio Max - One of the oldest of all the animation software in the market and is used by effects houses in the production of many movie and television series. Like Maya, Max is used for modeling 3D characters and for animation.

Cinema 4D - There are four versions of this application with a varying amount of features, the STUDIO version having the complete list of features. Available for Apple and Windows operating systems, Cinema 4D can also use alternative rendering engines and plug-ins.

Graphic cards and a recommend amount of RAM are important to run these applications and so that the tasks of rendering pictures and other processes are completed in a shorter amount of time. CPU speed is also a very important factor, although independent tests show that the latest and usually most expensive CPUs don't always give the best performance.

There are commercial and free 3D software available in the market, users can learn the techniques at no cost using readily available software.

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