Popular Ways To Withdraw Online Funds In Kenya

15.1.2014 Magdalena Gauci
There is a lot of interest in working online in Kenya, mainly due to the fact that most people are finding it much easier to get relatively well paying jobs online.

For a long time, however, most people have had a number of complications associated with this. One of these issues was difficulty in getting payment for work done online. Until very recently, most forms of online payment were foreign to many Kenyans, which means that even if they started working online, they would not find it easy to get paid.

Fortunately, this is an issue that has been addressed in the recent past, and today it’s very easy to get payment for work done online.

The most popular ways of doing this include the following:

Skrill: There are many online jobs that pay through Skrill, and this is a good thing since this represents one of the most hassle-free ways Kenyans can get paid. Once one gets the money in their account, they can use third parties such as ePay Kenya to withdraw the money onto their MPesa accounts. This is a process that is very cheap and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Payoneer: another very interesting way to get paid online is through the use of a Payoneer card. This has been designed in such a manner that select online sites such as elance can deposit the money directly to the Payoneer account. One can then use the debit card to withdraw their funds from any ATM card in the nation. The fact that it’s free to apply for the card means that this is a hassle free process for many.

PayPal: this is arguably the most popular way to carry out online transactions, and many Kenyans in the recent past have also embraced it. Until very recently, however, the only way to withdraw money from a PayPal account was through a third party. Today, one can apply for the Payoneer card and use it to withdraw PayPal funds in a safe and legal way. Banks such as Equity have also developed products to make it easier to withdraw the money directly into one’s bank account.

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