Q-Dir file manager

28.4.2014 Fabian Rendon
Q-Dir is a software used for file management in windows explorer. It is a very small application that is only 749KB for the 32bit Unicode version, with the x64 version 1.5MB in size. It can comfortably fit in a flash disk for portability. After installing the Q-Dir program and opening it for the first time you will notice that it has four equally sized panes. In all of the panes an explorer view of your file system is visible. It just looks like taking four Windows Explorer panes and pinning them together in a screen.

If you do not like the four pane layout you can convert it to a three pane layout with just a single click. Q-Dir offers twelve different layout options. All these layouts are accessible through a very small toolbar button that is clearly illustrated on the screen when the application is open. If you are one of the many windows users who have always liked a multiple-column layout that looks like the Mac’s Finder application then you will get the same experience from the Q-Dir application.

This applications ships with many color schemes. These color schemes have names like the black is my color, I like Barbie etc.. When the application is applying the color scheme some of the window elements will not be affected and therefore they will retain the default color of the system making it look like an odd mixture of colors put together.

For added complexity with the Q-Dir application it is possible to have multiple tabs in every pane. This idea of having many panes with multiple tabs can be difficult for some people because Q-Dir does not have keyboard shortcuts to help users in switching to specific panes. The switching of the different panes in the application is only possible by the use of a mouse or by clicking tabs several times while carefully watching the screen to see which tab has the focus.

If you are used to working with explorer and just want a little bit of extra power you can then use Q-Dir and you will be at home with the application added advantage over the built-in Windows explorer.

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