Reasons for the popularity of Courier Service Companies in East Africa

3.2.2014 Fabian Rendon

Courier services offer delivery of packages to individuals, either due to an e-commerce transaction or on an individual level where one decides to send a package to another in a different location. The service is however not only limited to sending of packages as money, information and documents can also be sent through this service. Most courier services often provide services that range from same-day to next day delivery. With a courier service, there is the guarantee of goods arriving within stipulated time frames and in good condition.

Courier services are quite popular in East Africa as evidenced by the numerous companies available in the region; all of which have built a brand name for themselves through the quality of service and value they provide to customers. These services have essentially made it possible for individuals to send and receive goods from any of the East African countries as well as from any part of the world. The most popular courier service companies in East Africa include Modern Coast Courier, Nation Courier and G4S security which service the entire Eastern Africa region.

Why Courier Services are Preferred in East Africa:

i. They are reliable

Courier services are gaining popularity in East Africa due to their reliability. This is because individuals are always sure that their packages will reach the recipients within stipulated time frames and in good condition. Thus, in case one has a contract they need signed and returned in the same day they can essentially achieve this even when the signer is in a different location.

ii. They help save on time

With courier services, individuals have been able to save on time they would use to personally take packages to recipients since most couriers guarantee same day package delivery.

iii. Guarantees peace of mind

Most individuals do not fancy the hassle of making endless calls to follow up on a package. They thus use courier services to help ease the stress of following up on a packages since they are sure that recipients will get goods in good time.

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