Reasons why Android app development is a good career

8.5.2014 Simon Bradley

Since Android was introduced in the market in 2007 by Google, the number of applications in the market have grown tremendously. It is estimated that over 49% of all mobile phone in the market are running the Android operating system. In other words, it means that there are over one hundred and eighty million Android phones in the market. This number is an indication of the very big market for applications and games for Android.

People use Android due to a variety of reasons, such as the ease of downloading applications and games. The availability of many free and affordable applications on the Internet are some other reasons.

As current trends show there seems that there is no other operating system than can match Android in terms of usage and popularity, therefore if a person want to become an app developer on the Android platform this is the best time. This is due to the number of users that require applications to carry out different functions and also have a need for games. This creates a very big market both locally and internationally a far as the developer is able to develop high quality applications.

Additionally, Android is an open source program, which means that individual developers are allowed to make applications and games for the Android platform without obtaining a license. This have given competitive edge to developers because they can make use of the support given by Google to make money through application and games developments.

Internet availability is also another factor that has positively contributed to the success of Android application developers. After developing their applications developers these days are able to market them through the Internet through the use of the social media and other avenues where Android users meet. Unlike in the past, app developers are able to reach out to big markets through the Internet. They can sell their applications to the whole world while from any location.

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