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7.3.2014 Magdalena Gauci

Rediff is an Indian originated portal offering access to a wide selection of web services be it news, shopping or entertainment including an amount of hosted user space for web mailing. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, the company not only has offices in Indian cities but also in American cities like New York. It is ranked as the 11th Indian portal offering similar services.

With over 95 million users registered for its web services, one of the portals which offer free unlimited space for your web activity, it offers services in various Indian languages as well. By releasing apps for the Android, Java and Symbian Platforms, Rediff has extended its services to mobile telecommunications, under the name Reffimail – NG.

Its Hindi wing, Rediffmail – Bol provides instant messaging services in the Hindi language. For Hindi music lovers, there is another wing in this portal, Rediff Songbuzz, which has an extensive library of Hindi music, updated from time to time. For searching tourist locations and other places of importance in India, Rediffmail Locale is a good solution.

Continuing to keep its identity as an Indian portal Rediff offers services for Indian festivals like Rakhi, using a Rakhi Online store people living in distant countries can order and send Rakhis to their relatives through this web portal. The shopping portal, some are of the opinion, has some glitches, but then many portal have such glitches. The web portal allows posting advertisements, especially of matrimonial nature, to cater to the needs of Indians who prefer to keep away from dating and choose their brides and grooms by going through an array of photos, their horoscopes and other such considerations.

Three years ago the portal launched a unique service “Rediff Deal Ho Jaye”, linking people in about forty cities of India, offering various consumer goods at a discounted price. The portal has kept up its Indian identity and it is popular amongst exclusively Indian community across the world.

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