Remote Desktop and its benefits

4.12.2013 Roberto Arduous
Remote Desktop is a service and an option in Microsoft Windows that helps to manage other computers. Let us further elaborate on it, if you are working in a branch of a bank and in another branch of the same bank, that can be in another city, a computer running Windows has a problem. In this situation, you can get the benefits of Remote Desktop. In this condition, you could connect to the remote desktop of that computer and resolve the problem of the computer. This is a very useful option of Windows has been included by default in the past few editions of Windows.

However, there is a problem with Windows that whenever anyone takes remote control of another computer desktop, then the user of the remotely controlled desktop cannot see their Windows, as it automatically logs off. Computer users have the option of downloading and using the freely available Team Viewer software. Through the Team Viewer option, you can take remote control of other computer desktops, even if that computer is not on the same network. This software enables remote desktop connections by Internet services. Without Internet service, this software cannot work. It is very simple to install on a computer and connect to another computer. You can teach by sitting at home through this unique software. However, there is one more software, which only works with network and it does not log off Windows even when another person uses remote desktop. The software name is VNC. You have to install this software on both computers on the network before it can work.

However, if you do not want to install any third party software then you can use the default Windows Remote Desktop option. To open the remote desktop you have to type “mstsc” in Run, this is the shortcut for opening Remote Desktop. When you type this word a Window appears where you can enter the IP address of the computer you would like to connect to. Know the computer host name or IP address is necessary to connect through remote desktop.

This is the simplest option to take the remote desktop.

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