Risks of using computers

20.1.2014 Julian Blazek
Computers are important tools in most people’s lives these days. They are being used for different purposes because most of services offered by the government and other service providers have been computerized. Many offices use computers to ensure that they deliver services to their clients in an effective way and within the shortest time possible. Computers have made work very easy and convenient. For example a supermarket would be required to employ very many people to do stock taking but with technology and computer use the owner knows the goods that are out of stock by just a click of the button.

There are very many risks associated to the use of the computer both to the user and the organization. These risks include health issues to the user, fraud and lose to the organization. They include:


Cyber-stalking is also known as cyber harassment. This occurs in form of unwanted messages sent via email or social media. People might decide to be sending you insulting messages in your email address or they can be posting these unwanted messages in your wall on Facebook. This is particularly very bad when in social media because a group can form just to intimidate you or destroy your brand.

Heath risks

When you use a computer over a long period of time there are chances of a headache, back pains and your eyes might develop a burning sensation. Make you work station comfortable to avoid these health issues because many are as a result of bad set up of your working area and seating arrangement. Make sure you are sitting comfortably and your scream resolution is at the best to avoid your eyes from straining.

Phishing and Viruses

This is the most dangerous to the organization because cyber clime in some countries continues uncontrolled due to lack of knowledge by the authorities to fight cyber-crime. Scammers will send you or your employee’s official looking emails suggesting that you need to correct something with your financial service provider. If you click on the link they will have provided, you will have given out your financial details. Make use of anti-malware software to avoid the damages caused by viruses.

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