Safari a web browser

31.7.2013 Nicky Herak

Safari is a link between web and you.

Safari is much more than just browser. Web page takes time to load. Now you do not have to wait for loading. You have direct access to latest news and search results. Safari delivers you all, now you have to wait less and browse more. It is a great advancement in web browsing. It loads web pages faster than ever. It is the best and easier way to browse on web.

It works with icloud, mac, ipad, iphone, and ipod touch. It even checks your spelling and grammar. It is much more than a browser. There is a simple thing for both search terms and web addresses. When you enter a web address, safari takes you directly to the web page. Safari finds what you are looking for faster than other browsers.

Safari is one step ahead and suggests you the top or most relevant information and the closest match what you are looking for. Safari uses pages from history to find top hits. So you find the right web page faster. When you turn on your ipad, iphone, or ipod, touch on its side, the web page will open. Zoom in just by double tapping, or by extending your fingers. You can enjoy big screen.

You can watch latest news on your page. It makes you up to date all the time. Advertisement appears on the same page of different items. You can shop online easily. Want to know about latest movies, safari gives you information even about that. It has all fun on a single click. You love to know about latest apple games, iTunes and much more.

Safari is the gate way to the place you wish to go. All the time you open it, it is always the fastest and easiest to use. You also have privacy browsing. You do not want to keep history of your search you have to turn on do not track. Now you can keep your passwords and business confidential secret.

Sometime you do not have access with network but need important data you’re your browser here safari allows web based applications to store information on your hard drive, so you can use them even without an Internet connection.

Now you can share anything from web page without leaving safari. You can share web pages using mail or messages even you can post them on facebook, tweet links and even add comments and locations. Safari is a lot with one click.

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