Safari shock to Windows users!

6.7.2013 Rezman Mirsom

Apple updated Safari web browser. But this update may shock  Windows users!

Apple, OS X, along with Mountain Lion Safari web browser, 6, also released a new version.

Mountain to take advantage of all features you need Lion Safari 6. Safari in OS X users can only handle 6 in the former no. The surprising aspect of the Windows version of Apples Safari browser for the website there is a link. This means that Apple can not release Safari for Windows now.

Safari's new touch-aided between 6 Mountain Lion special functions are presented in Tab View function, scroll through all open tabs between them allows you to see the movement of a finger. While the other is a special function Lion Mountain URLs on Twitter, Facebook and e-mail allowing you to share with the Share button.

Apples new Nitro JavaScript engine in Safari 6, the new version of the multi-core support, hardware, speed up and have a CSS rendering improvements. In addition to these new combined search space, combines the search bar and URL bar with the URL of a similar make Chrome. Safari 6, "follow me" function also supports privacy.

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